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Health Assessment

TRI’s Health Assessment services assist you in the evaluation and measurement of the impact of drugs or chemical interventions on human beings’ emotional, social, and physical states, and on the environment and ecosystem’s functioning. The U.S. government, national organizations, and international entities have relied on our environmental health services for over 25 years.

Our Health and Environmental Assessment group brings a high level of expertise in acquiring and analyzing scientific information on environmental and occupational health hazards. We develop and manage sophisticated toxicology databases, perform literature reviews to determine carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic risk, evaluate ecotoxicity effects, and perform environmental and occupational exposure assessments. After conducting proactive and reactive risk assessments, TRI’s highly educated and experienced health scientists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, and medical professionals support the testing, development, and implementation of effective medical countermeasures and quality control solutions. Our health assessment services comply with international guidelines and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations, and follow the highest standards of toxicology to ensure strict ethicality, and to boost your project’s quality, reliability and credibility.

Key Services

  • Health Assessment Services
    • Health risk assessments
    • Assessment of chemical and biological threats
    • Evaluation of medical countermeasures

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