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TRI utilizes its toxicological expertise to actively detect, assess, validate, and document potential hazards and risks of toxicants in living organisms and ecosystems, identify adverse events related to a toxic exposure by developing casual links between unexplained pathological conditions and documented toxic exposures, and respond to undesirable events by developing timely treatment recommendations.

We analyze scientific information and promote early identification of toxic risks related to the consumption of, or exposure to an investigational new drug, chemical product, dietary supplement, or consumer product. Our Toxicovigilance team excels in developing comprehensive human health, environmental, and occupational hazards evaluations, and designs long-term, short-term, and specialized toxicology studies. We assess the safety of a new drug through single-dose and repeat-dose toxicity studies as well as genetic toxicity, reproductive toxicity and/or carcinogenic studies depending on the research. TRI also identifies and studies adverse health effects on human beings that may result from workplace exposure through genotoxicity and neurotoxicity studies for example, and detect harmful effects of chemical agents on the environment and ecosystems through ecotoxicity evaluations.

We work with poison centers and exploit poisoning statistics to define the cause, incidence, and severity of poisonings which results in the rapid detection of potential adverse health consequences and prompt implementation of preventive or corrective measures. We also facilitate the prevention of toxic adverse health and ecological events by collaborating with various local, national and global health agencies, and sharing information through a vast network of databases and archives that TRI’s experts utilize to acquire large-scale data, develop first-class studies, and enhance risk assessment accuracy. During your clinical trial, we constantly monitor clinical data and examine standardized clinical case reports for timely identification of adverse events and early detection of toxicological risks and hazards.

Key Services

  • Toxicovigilance Services
    • Evaluation of toxicological information
    • Human health evaluations
    • Occupational hazard evaluations
    • Industrial chemical reviews
    • Regulatory docket reviews

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