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Our IT team has defined a consulting framework composed of three main pre-development phases. During the Inquiry Examination phase, we lead a comprehensive analysis of your needs including the definition of: your ultimate goals, the envisaged recovery/development objectives, and the scope parameter of the project, to ensure total understanding, clear representation, and fulfillment of your expectations. During the research phase, we realize multiple analyses including detailed impact and cost-benefit analyses along with an evaluation of your internal resources, and an assessment of the criticalities and potential threats/risks associated with your project. Our IT experts also do substantial research to determine solutions and build a roadmap of the best alternatives and potential methodologies. After presentation of recommendations and selection of a solution, we meticulously plan the project by creating a team and defining roles, determining a precise timeline, organizing resources, and defining strategies that will guide the custom development and post-development phases of our consulting framework.

Key Services

  • Clinical Systems Best Practices Consulting
    • Our staff ensures that the architecture, code, and system are properly designed, built, and documented.

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