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Clinical Management Portals
and Collaboration

Trials generate a great mass of information. TRI combines expertise in content management, web development and clinical trials to deliver all disparate clinical trial information into a single platform so all study staff have access to the documents, metrics, events and announcements they require.

TRI avoids the most common pitfall associated with many clinical portal solutions; canned solutions fail to present a unified, intelligent view of information from other sources, while custom solutions add complexity without achieving effective integration with the underlying processes that manage the information.

Our portals execute on the promise of an integrated collaboration platform providing:

  • All shared study information available in one stop, including the electronic trial master file (eTMF)
  • An immediate bridge into all study activities, including document approvals, EDC data entry and training events
  • Clinical trial data integration through Business Connectivity Services
  • Secure role-based access without overcomplicated administration and user management
  • User tools, including investigator self-registration, automated user account provisioning and study personnel and facility management
  • Launchers for common CTMS tools, dashboards and real-time metrics

TRI’s clinical management portals, used in-house on our own projects, are also available as an IT service for forward-thinking clients looking for better transparency, currency and quality in their trial management practice areas.

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