Document and Content Management (eTMF)
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Document and Content
Management (eTMF)

TRI has extensive experience working with Federal clients, corporations, non-profit and trade associations to implement content management solutions in both Internet and intranet environments.

A well implemented document or content management system (CMS) provides a powerful solution to many organizations seeking to transfer the responsibility of content ownership from IT back to the content owners.

TRI provides platform expertise in:

  • Microsoft SharePoint® 2013, 2016, and SharePoint Online
  • OpenText ECM and LiveLink®
  • EMC Documentum® (versions 5.3, 6.5)
  • SpringCM®

Our broad experience allows TRI IT to evaluate client needs and identify the CMS that best fits the requirement. Beyond evaluation, our team provides implementation and content migration services. Implementing a CMS, especially within the life science industry, requires expertise beyond software installation. TRI provides expert information architects and staff that ensures the solution delivers value and efficiency from Day 1. Migrating content also presents unique challenges in moving relevant content into a new CMS while weeding out old and dated pages that can confuse users, all while preserving integrity and adhering to regulatory requirements.

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