Information Technology /
Systems Integration

TRI’s expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research procedures, and clinical trial technologies is used to integrate complex -yet user-friendly- clinical trial systems for automation, administration, and monitoring of every component of your clinical trial.

Key Services

TRI manages the fusion of a multitude of clinical trial systems with the creation of customized applications that transform independent and disparate data sources into a single centralized and secured portal. We deploy collaborative and real-time-enabled tools that support data, information, and knowledge sharing, and are responsible for early detection of anomalies and responsiveness optimization. For example, we efficiently integrate Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMSs) comprised of a multitude of modular features such as in-depth project management functionalities with trial’s milestones and regulatory deadlines tracking, patient recruitment and management, budget monitoring, and effort measurement, that are selected and implemented based upon your organization’s needs and requirements. Our CTMS can be integrated with numerous other software packages such as our Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Systems.

We have also developed ready-to-use solutions that support the management of every aspect of a clinical trial, facilitate and enhance processes through automation and system intelligence, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. TRI’s Clinical Data Management System (CDMS), triDMS, provides your clinical research team with an intuitive platform and user-friendly interface for collecting, managing, verifying, and reporting electronically captured data. Our web-based and 21 CFR 11-compliant system not only quickly locates typographical and logical errors for data integrity purposes, supports data import and export procedures, and provides audit trails for tracking data manipulation, it also generates comprehensive data reports that can easily be shared with statisticians, compiled into study reports, and traditionally and/or electronically submitted for regulatory authorities’ approval. We also integrate Document and Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as the electronic Trial Master Files (e-TMFs) for online archiving, and manage all your regulatory documents, communications, and submissions in a centralized, collaborative, and standardized LIQUENT InSight system to ensure compliance throughout your product development.

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